"Umm... You know you guys can start posting again anytime now."

>> Thursday

Quiet, you smart-mouthed hypothetical devoted reader. [I say hypothetical, of course, with dual intent in that a) no one but the voice in my head said the statement in the title, and b) I'm not sure a devoted reader of this blog exists anymore.]

Ok, so I get it--we've written exactly two legitimate posts in the last four weeks, and that's pretty pathetic. It's also pretty apparent that--at least speaking for myself--the effort is mostly nonexistent. What can I say--it was bound to happen eventually.

If recent weeks haven't already given you the hint, it's unlikely that I'll post much anymore, which, given the sheer volume of drivel I've dumped on this blog since its creation, probably means the front page won't change too often. Having said that, I don't plan to quit posting altogether, but it will only be on those rare occasions when an observation or idea tickles me in that extra-special way. That is to say, don't ever expect me to return to my old rapid-fire posting ways, which were the product of a frame of mind that (for the better) has become pretty distant.

To make up a little for this unprecedented run of laziness, I decided to create a "Best of YCS" tag, which you can enjoy by clicking the link in the upper-left corner of the page.
You'll notice that I simply tagged a bunch of our 2006 posts along with our '07 and '08 retrospectives, which were essentially best-of compilations, rather than tagging more individual posts. Again--the laziness thing. Maybe I'll go through the last two years more thoroughly if I feel like getting around to it, or if anyone else would like to tag / nominate posts that I overlooked, be my friggin' guest (especially--as you'll notice--because I totally shafted the other authors with my tagging).

Anyway, I just felt I needed to apologize for my / our slacking. Who knows--maybe we'll get crazy diarrhea of the keyboard once the NCAA Tournament and baseball season roll around, and I'll totally backtrack on my vow of selectivity. Only time or possibly a Ouiji board will tell. In the meantime, keep us on your Google Reader, no matter how much or how little we post. Eventually we'll pop up. :-)

With love and affection always and forever,
Your pal, Jesus Shuttlecock (or as you know me by my pseudonymn, "Vinnie")


Vinnie 10:08 AM  

What the hell? After I took the time to tag all those old posts, only about half show up when you click on the link for the tag. This tip calculator is a piece of junk.

Anonymous,  11:40 PM  

As arguably your most devoted fan I hope you guys don't give this up. You had me laughing all last month anytime I heard the song Baby It's Cold Outside. Stay strong guys.
Phil Nevin

Bones 9:17 PM  

As a new, semi-devoted fan, I hope you stick with it as well! I can't take the loss of FJM followed so closely by this!

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