Random Thoughts While Eating My Wheaties!!! Part IV

>> Monday

1.) While the world was watching Kansas-Missouri, I was stoked about Stevie Spurrier trying to avoid a 5-game losing streak....I now am certain this world is coming to an end : (

2.) "We're not going to play chicken-shit ball. We're not going to kick away from him. Hey, we respect the hell out of him and he's the best, but we have guys on our coverage teams that are paid to make big tackles" said 13 year vet and lifetime knucklehead Todd Saurbraun before Sunday's game. Yeah, those well-paid coverage guys were really impressive, so much that there were cars on Lake Shore Drive were closer to tackling Hester.

3.) Just in case you didn't know Todd, but in football, you don't need to slide into second base.

4.) Why was "The Griese Can" listed ahead of "The Savior" on the depth chart???

5.) Does Jay Feely's performance Sunday night for the Eagles give Rush Limbaugh some street cred?

6.) Supposedly, the Eagles gave the NFL a blueprint on how to beat the Patriots....yeah like putting pressure with different blitz packages is a new idea in this league.

7.) Yeah Skip, I'm totally with you. Jay Feely should be the new Eagles quarterback primarily because he is "high energy" and is an all-time "gamer." What an argument....douchebag!

8.) Have you seen any man get bitch slapped as hard as Ken Williams was last week?

9.) Mike Sherman has just been announced as the new Texas A&M head coach...3 weeks is the over/under before people start questioning his play-calling skills

10.) I think The Hesterizer just scored again...


Matt 5:24 PM  

Is that Nadia Comenici?

Anonymous,  5:27 PM  

Jay Feely should be the new quarterback because he's clutch. The single most important thing ever ever ever.
The last 3 offseasons there has been some Kenny move that pissed me off to death and the last 3 seasons I've said Kenny was right and I was wrong(Jermaine Dye, Jim Thome, Johnny Danks). At this point Kenny gets some patience.

Vinnie 9:14 AM  

I've stuck up for Ken Williams a bunch in the past, but come on--Garland for Cabrera? I can't believe that was the best he could've gotten for Garland.

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