Random Thoughts While Eating My Wheaties: Part 2

>> Monday

1.) Super Bowl 41.5 was a lot like watching Kelsey Grammer in "Down Periscope." It was fun to watch, but we all know it was an average footbal game at best.
2.) Fashion Alert!!! Bill Belicheck not wearing the hoodie is like "The Ole' Ball Coach" not wearing his visor or MJ not wearing his Hanes. What has this world come to?
3.) Who would win in a hot dog eating contest: Chuck Weis, Ralph Friedgen, or Mark Mangino?
4.) Missed this week was the impressive vicory by Ryan Hall in the Men's Olympic Marathon Trials in Central Park on Saturday. I know this is a football crazed culture, but the media should ackowledge this impressive athletic achievement.
5.) Kansas football, bologna or fillet?
6.) Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack! The "Flying V" is back!
7.) Speaking of Oregon, why does everyone continue to put LSU ahead of them in the rankings? Yes, LSU is a very talented team, but they barely squeak out against Alabama, Auburn, and Florida. Meanwhile Oregon has pretty much pounded everyone except Cal (Who were #3 at the time). Go Ducks!
8.) Watching the Packers on Sunday made me a believer...to the point that they are the NFC's best team with the Giants #2.
9.) Cedric....did you watch Super Bowl 41.5? Thats how a running back is supposed to catch the ball you dipshit....oh wait, you were probably watching video from your glory days at Texas where you padded your stats against teams like Baylor, Texas El-Paso, and Middle Tennessee State.
10.) Better Bet? Number of years before Chuck Weis gets fired or Notre Dame makes it back to a BCS game?


Nathan 5:23 PM  

SB 41.5 was not as exciting as the play-by-play would suggest, but I think it solidifies two things:

1. Patriots-Colts is the best #1-2 any sport has had in our lifetime, and quite probably in anyone's lifetime. The 49ers-Cowboys of the late 80s/early 90s is the only comparision that comes to my mind in our lifetime, and I think Pats-Colts is hands-down better.

2. Randy Moss is the second best receiver of all time. I defy anyone to argue against that.

Patrick 6:53 PM  

Yeah, I have to agree that this matchup is probably the matchup of this decade for sure...I might even go so far as to say that Randy Moss might be the best receiver ever (yes, better than Jerry Rice)

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