Kirk Herbstreit sucks

>> Monday

ESPN's Sportscenter tab "#1 and #2 Teams Upset"

Yes, that's right.
#2 Kansas's loss to #4 (now #1) Missouri, on a neutral site, is an "upset."
Aren't we taking this "season of upsets" a little too far here?


Kirk Herbstreit is a dumbass. He pins the "unfairness" of Mizzou having to play in a conference title game while Ohio State doesn't have to on conference commissioners. Never mind that there are certain prerequisites for having one that are actually in the NCAA bylaws. Note the conferences with title games, and what they have in common.

ACC- 12 teams
SEC- 12 teams
Big XII- 12 teams
C-USA- 12 teams
MAC- 13 teams

You can only hold a conference title game if your conference has 12 teams or more and you can split into divisions. That's the whole reason why the SEC poached Arkansas from the old Southwest Conference almost 20 years ago. That's why the old Big Eight confrence snatched up Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech and Baylor. That's why the ACC added Miami, VaTech, and BC. To get to 12 teams so they could hold a conference title game.

My opinion: If conferences want to hold a cash grab known as a conference title game, then there can be no complaining of unfairness when a team actually has to play in one. Kirk Herbstreit replied in the affirmative to "So by having to play Oklahoma, doesn't Mizzou put themselves in a position where they can only lose what they've already gained?"

There's one game left in the season. Mizzou hasn't "Gained" the national title game yet. They're Big 12 North Champions. Woohey! That's like saying a basketball team with the lead with 2 minutes to go is unfairly made to play the last two minutes and "lose what they already have."


Vinnie 11:24 AM  

Actually, I saw the segment you're talking about--and correct me if I'm wrong--but aren't you and Herbstreit kind of in agreement? That if a team like Mizzou or its fans wanna whine, they should go to their conference's commish and ADs, not the NCAA rules. It sounds like you're saying the same thing.

I think there is an element of unfairness, though, in the fact that a team in a conference with a title game faces the possibility--and often the actuality--of facing their other best team in the conference twice in a season, a prospect never faced by teams in the Big Ten, ACC, etc.

So I'd say, if anything, it's more like a game of HORSE where the one guy has to prove the E, and the other guy doesn't. Chew on that, baby.

Anonymous,  5:22 PM  

the more games the better. The more times a team has to prove their the best the more likely we are to have a team that is the best in the championship which is the whole point.

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