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Oh, man... This is too funny. I mean, I feel terrible for the girl. I honestly do, as hard as it is to tell beneath my uncontrolable laughter. I hope she gets some retribution, if not the full lawsuit amount because that's humiliation I wouldn't wish on anyone, or at least not on a majority of my friends and family.

I guess what gets me is the "Ewww!" part. Hahaha... Talk about taking something already incredibly juvenile and making it 100% juvenile and then some. Oh man, I love it.


Mike 10:43 AM  

According to my hastily assembled, shoddily crafted outline for my Torts class, it sounds like she'll be pursuing a claim for Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress.

According to Section 46 of the Restatement (Second) of Torts, One is subject to liability if they..
Intentionally or recklessly cause severe emotional distress to another
if bodily harm results.

The psychological harm produced by this has been seen before mostly in sexual harassment and workplace discrimination suits. (See also: Taylor v. Metzger, Ford v. Revlon)

While she would have a good case against whoever sent the message, for a case against the Cardinals, she would probably need to show that either the Cardinals stadium ops people intentionally put that up there to humiliate her, or that they were conscious of the unnecessary risk of emotional distress from crude messages, and proceeded regardless of the risk.

I bet this gets settled quick. I can't imagine the Cardinals want the spectacle of this case going any further.

Nathan 3:30 PM  

Gee, that's really funny, but I really wish that someone would explain the totally serious legal side of it to us layfolk, preferabley in an "I go to law school, aren't I smart?" type of manner.

Because that's what's really missing from this story.

Mike 5:45 PM  

Sorry, but we literally just covered this like last week.

And law school, if anything, will teach you that you are not smart. Lord knows I feel like a fool enough of the time. Let me have this one.

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