I'm not buying what the Patriots are selling

>> Wednesday

We've all heard Tom Brady's post-game statements about 9-0 not mattering, January is when it matters, and how he has the ability to walk on water and cure polio.

John Clayton wrote that this shows the players are buying into Belichick's philosophy. After every Patriots win we're going to hear the same questions about 16-0 and get the same boring response about how the regular season doesn't matter.

But if you buy any of that bullshit, you apparantly know a different Belichick than I do. The Belichick I know is an asshole, pure and simple. And winning another Super Bowl will not be enough for him, because he doesn't just want to be the best, he wants to be the best and rub it in your face.

That's what this whole ho-hum attitude is about. "Yeah, we just beat your ass up and down the field. Brady threw another four touchdowns and the guy we stole for a fourth round pick is cementing himself as the best reciever to ever play the game. Yawn. What's for dinner?"

But I wouldn't want to be Belichick's wife, kid or dog if they lose a game this season. As Mark "Greeny" said this morning, a team wins the Super Bowl every year, but 16-0 has never been done before, and would go down in history as the best team ever.

If the Colts lose another game somewhere down the road, the questions will really come to a head in the last two weeks when the Patriots will have nothing to play for other than an undefeated season. But this is the coach that plays his starters (and runs play action) in the fourth quarter when his team is up by 28 because he might see a little bit of life left in one of the opposing players that he hasn't beaten out of them yet. This entire season has been a big "fuck you" from the Patriots to the rest of the world. So why the hell would he sit his starters in week 17?

Of course, none of this will matter when the Steelers beat the Patriots in week 14 and James Harrison bends Brady's knee in four different directions.


danny's gentile roommate,  8:31 AM  

"But I wouldn't want to be Belichick's wife..."

Apparently, neither did Mrs. Belichick:
Belichick was married to Debby, but they divorced in the summer of 2006.[14] They allegedly separated before the 2004 season, which was disclosed by the Patriots in July 2005. Belichick was also accused of maintaining a relationship with former Giants receptionist Sharon Shenocca which helped precipitate her divorce.

Just sayin'....

Nathan 10:46 AM  

Ah, you're right. I forgot about that little detail.
I guess I should change it to "I wouldn't want to be a former Giants receptionist..."

Matt 11:50 AM  

"Mark Greeny..."

Ahh, you must have been watching "Mark and Mike in the Morning" on ESPN this morning.

Vinnie 12:56 PM  

I was thinking that maybe Mark "Greeny" was some buddy of Nate's who supplies him greenies.

danny's gentile roommate,  1:19 PM  

I know I'll be shouted down here, especially by Danny, but if I'm the tits of the NFL there is no way I'm gonna settle for a 41-year-old housewife, no matter how good she looks "for her age."

Sorry, but this is when I would enter "barely legal" territory.

danny's gentile roommate,  1:19 PM  

Oops. Meant to add a link for further debate:


Zuch 8:00 PM  

Hey, as Danny's Marquette buddies can attest to, he had his dabbles in the barely legal category senior year (It gave us great fodder for a few months).

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