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I never thought I would take Dan LeBa(s)tard's side in a debate with Michael Wilbon, who is usually pretty intelligent when it comes to sport debates. But for two days in a row on PTI, Wilbon has made the mistake of overvaluing managers. Yesterday, he said that the Cubs hot streak could be mainly attributed to Pinnella's blow-up and ejection (the overplayed "he lit a fire under their ass" argument). I thought about posting a complaint on this site, but I decided--mostly out of laziness and forgetfullness--to let it go.

But today Wilbon claimed that Joe Torre is more valuble than Gary Sheffield, a hands-down first-ballot Hall-of-Famer. Apparantly, making the decision of when to hit-and-run or pinch hit and "managing people," as Wilbon put it, is much more important than 20 years of .298/.399/.527 baseball, not to mention 10 (working on 11) 30+ homerun seasons.

Sorry Wilbon, but I'm calling you out here on being a complete idiot. And, sigh, LeBatard's completely right.


Vinnie 9:46 PM  

LeBatard knows baseball. And I mostly say that because he's my favorite mainstream ally in the "managers are overrated" refrain.

Matt 11:29 PM  

Yeah, I'm with Vince Clortho (aka the Keymaster from Ghostbusters). LeBatard isn't really too bad. A lot of times, ironically, he's the 'sensible' one in sports arguments and calls a lot of other namby pamby Mitch Alboms out on their shit. He's a YCS kinda guy.

Nathan 1:13 AM  

My exposure to LeBatard has been limited, but I was instantly annoyed by his absolutely horrible sense of humor. And I'm pretty sure that early on in my exposure to him, he made some argument that pissed me off.

After doing some research and looking at his argument history, he actually is pretty consistently sensible.

He's just so god damn annoying on TV.

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