Jefferson:Washington::A-Rod:Jeter (or something like that)

>> Wednesday

Man, if I were Thomas Jefferson, I'd be sort of pissed right now. I also might be growing hemp and banging slaves, but mostly I'd be pissed.

Today, to celebrate Independence Day, the Washington Nationals treated fans at RFK Stadium to George Washington bobbleheads. That's right--George Washington.

Now I realize that Washington was a war hero and all at the time of the declaration's signing, but come on; Jefferson was THE guy in the whole process, was he not?

First Washington gets the nation's capital named after him; then he gets a state; then he gets the dollar bill. And now he gets the bobblehead.

Somewhere, Thomas Jefferson is like, "Hey, what's up with that?"


Mike 3:45 PM  

So then is Benjamin Harrison like Paul O'Neill or something?

Vinnie 11:25 PM  

I'd say no because Paul O'Niell is kind of overated by Yankees fans. Maybe Danny Tartabull.

danny's gentile roommate,  12:22 AM  

You wanna here some bullshit? Danny and I almost came to blows during a debate over the better Roosevelt. Danny actually took "New Deal" Delano over T-Roose.

Can you believe that? Whose face is carved in rock? Who has a childhood toy named after him? Did you grow up falling asleep with your "Frankie" bear? No, it was a Teddy bear. Thank Theodore for that.

Vinnie 8:23 AM  

Maybe you didn't, but I had a Frankie bear. It talked and had a button that would turn it into a scorpion. Only the poor kids had Teddy bears.

Mike 9:51 AM  

Research time!

Perhaps the reason FDR's head is not on Mount Rushmore is because the plans were approved in 1925, before FDR became president in 1933. Construction began in 1927 and funding for the project ran out in 1941.

In a time of war (or pseudo-war), and as a sitting President, FDR would have looked pretty egomaniacal to add his own face to the project, not to mention the Federal funds would have been better spent kicking Nazi ass.

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