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>> Sunday

Sorry fans--I've been a little busy with work travel and such lately, hence my absence. (Oh... You didn't notice? Thanks, jerk.) And if the Brewers and Sox don't win today, we might all be dead by morphine overdose come tomorrow morning, and this blog will shut down entirely.

Anyway, after missing out on my Lock of the Week last week, I owe you two fail-proof bets this week. So for my first, I'm going with the Packers (+2) at Tampa. And if I'm wrong, Matt's gonna punch me in the mouth for jinxing the Pack.

For my second pick, I'm taking the Browns (+1) at Cincy. The Bengals are starting some guy named Fitzgerald or Fitzpatrick or Samuelson or Mork or something in place of the injured Carson Palmer, and I'm guessing he sucks.

Book 'em!


Matt 6:18 PM  

I'm too happy right now to punch anyone. My dad cried when Braun hit the game winner.

Patrick 10:02 PM  

Matt, surprisingly the big Cub fans on this board (Mike and I) agreed that the Brewers would make the playoffs while the Brew Crew (you, Paul, maybe Vinnie?) thought their chances were over.

What does this mean? Probably not much, but for shits and giggles, lets just say it means Cubs are more knowledgeable than you think....but probably not

Patrick 10:04 PM  

Also, I demand that you sacrifice a live chicken in Carlos Zambrano's honor for not pitching today. And no, KFC is not a suitable substitute

Matt 10:09 PM  

Not the same. You can accurately predict that a team will bounce back and make the playoffs when you're outside and it's an objective call. It's totally different to think that when you're living and dying with the team every day. I'm happier than ANYONE that the Brewers made the playoffs. This is probably the best sports moment I've ever experienced, but I won't lie for a moment and tell you that I wasn't prepared for the worst. Still, I watched every game and hung on every pitch for the last few months. We deserve this. Fuck it, I deserve this.

Patrick 10:17 PM  

Better than the Packers beating that weird team in those ugly ass uni's in 97?

But yeah, it is cool to see them make the playoffs. Hopefully they will play the Cubs, preferably with CC's arm still attached.

Patrick 10:26 PM  

By the Way..Do the Eagles have some sort of "end zone" phobia tonight, jeez

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