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British bookmakers have offered potential gamblers odds that Illinois rookie Senator Barack Obama will trade his meteoric rise in politics for a shot at the Premier League. Odds are presently listed at 10,000-to-one that Senator Obama will abandon his Presidential campaign to take over as the head coach at London-based club West Ham United. Hammers coach Alan Curbishly resigned today.

Obama has allegedly been a Hammers supporter since visiting England five years ago. Usually with huge, long odds like this one, it's almost worth it just to put down like 5 bucks and see what happens. (i.e.: Really wish I'd put some money down on Sarah Palin three months ago when I first heard her name bandied about for the GOP VP position.)

But even here it's a waste of money.

Stat geek sidenote: There's better job security in politics than in the EPL. Only four managers have been in their current posts longer than the 3 1/2 years Obama has been a Senator: Sir Alex Ferguson (Man United), Arsene Wenger (Arsenal), Rafa Benitez (Liverpool), and David Moyes (Everton).


Iain 4:08 PM  

That's a good bet. After losing this election he's going to have to run to England and cry it off!

Matt 9:56 PM  

The manager for Arsenal's name is Arsene? What are the odds? In light of this new development, I'm changing my name to Brewer.

Vinnie 10:53 PM  

Mike, I'll give you 1,000,000 to 1 odds that I didn't buy Ziplock bags at Walgreens earlier tonight. Oh! So sorry. I did buy Ziplock bags at Walgreens earlier tonight. Now you owe me $50. You really need to stop making these bad bets. And I think you might have a problem.

Vinnie 10:54 PM  

Also... Iain, do I sense some Alaskan pride in that prediction?

Patrick 3:22 PM  

Um, there is absolutely no chance that Obama is going to lose the election. Sorry Iain

Matt 11:41 PM  



Iain 1:44 PM  

While I don't aggree with everything Palin belives, it's pretty damn cool to have a major national canidate from Alaska.

Patrick 4:27 PM  

But a woman?

Iain 5:49 PM  

At the very least she has better aim than Cheny and will accually kill what she shoots.

Vinnie 1:31 AM  

Maybe she and Cheney should have a duel.

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