Now With More Spinoffs Than Law & Order

>> Wednesday

In response to no demand, we (meaning mostly Sever and I) have created Yellow Chair Politics, your place for even more of our poorly-researched opinions. Vinnie and Zuch may also put up some stuff over there, and if you'd like to add your two cents, send us an email.

So, at long last, we've finally found another way to make our struggling friendships even more tenuous through childish namecalling. Check it out.


Anonymous,  1:02 PM  

I always thought a good spinoff on Law and Order would be "Law and Order: Internal Affairs", it would be a show about detectives and lawyers who do nothing but investigate all the other law and orders, they could cover the CSI's too.

Paul 5:15 PM  

Here's the key to an extremely successful blog as prescribed by YCS:

1.) Write sporadic posts.
2.) If nobody has posted in a while, just post anything. You don't have to worry about substance all the time.
3.) When in doubt, find bad stories from big media; pick them apart rather than creating something original.
4.) After you get bored with your original blog, begin writing spin-off blogs, and neglect the original blog.


Anonymous,  2:45 PM  

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