Come si dice "Whoops" in Italiano? Ah...."Merda."

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Roberto Mancini was named Italy's top coach for last season today. Last year, Mancini led Inter to a 25-3-10 record. Good enough for their third Serie A title in a row. Mancini led Inter to all three titles; their first since 1989.

Despite all the honors, not good enough. Mancini was fired by Inter earlier this year.



Matt 11:14 PM  

"Roberto Mancini was named Italy's top coach for last season today."

Muhfucka, that coulda been phrased mo' clearly.

Matt 12:46 AM  

Also, where were you when this happened in a sport I care about? This happened two years ago with Joe Girardi.

Mike 8:04 AM  

Did the Yankees win three World Series in a row two years ago? Had they not won anything in 20 years untill everything changed under Girardi?

Apples and oranges my friend.

As for the clearness of my first sentence, I do you broken English.

Matt 12:57 PM  

The Yankees? Do you seriously not know who Joe Girardi managed when he won the manager of the year award? Fucking A, Sever.

Mike 1:11 PM  

Matt, I probably couldn't even tell you who won coach of the year two years ago in a league or conference I actually follow more than baseball.

Anonymous,  5:12 PM  

Anyway three Serie A titles is hardly equivalent to a World Series title. One means you're the best soccer team in Italy, the other means you're generally regarded the best baseball team in the world.

Mike 5:41 PM  

Didn't we have a conversation on this point a few years ago that ended in beer cans being thrown at each other?

Matt 6:08 PM  

It probably ended with Iain punching someone/thing/Poethig.

Vinnie 9:50 PM  

I'm guessing the conclusion was that soccer with its record-based system is a meritocracy whereas baseball with its short playoff series is a luckritocracy. I'll say that again: luckritocracy.

Vinnie 9:52 PM  

Oh wait... How could I forget the classic Sever diatribe, "It's not a WORLD Series if you're only playing clubs from your own country."

Either way, I'm not so much bothered by the wording of the first sentence as I am by the cliched Donald Trump photo.

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