Seriously, What the Hell?

>> Friday

Is it just me, or does the sport of golf either attract or actively recruit the absolute worst public relations people in sports? Seriously, it's all these people can do not to totally shoot themselves in the foot.

First, you have the woman who jokingly said that other PGA golfers should "lynch" Tiger. Hilarious! Now, the LPGA comes up with a ridiculous idea to, as they say in marketing terms, "weed out some of the asians." If you haven't seen this story, a summary can be seen here. The basic jist is that the LPGA decided that it was an American sports league and, as such, should have all of its participants be at least somewhat proficient in English.

This makes perfect sense, of course, because all American sports leagues other than the LPGA are composed entirely of players who, if not American, speak American. And if you don't like America, then you can go on an' git out. Among the professional athletes who would have to "go on 'an git" were all sports leagues to adopt a similar policy:

Yao Ming
Ichrio Suzuki
Emmitt Smith
The New York Mets (excluding David Wright)
Kosuke Fukudome
Daisuke Matsuzaka
Yi Jianlian
All the Europeans on the 2008 Stanley Cup Champion Detroit Red Wings
Alex Ovechkin
And so on...

The LPGA, apparently not kidding about the idea, let the idea stay out there for two whole days, presumably before the supervisor of the person who came up with the idea heard about it and was like, "is you fuckin' crazy?" Seriously, did the LPGA or their multitude of corporate sponsors think this was a good idea? Yeah, it's not like this country is overly sensitive to all matters of racial/ethnic impropriety, perceived or actual. This is America, and we won't tolerate discrimination. Instead, we'll engage in a superficial discussion about racial/linguistic/gender/sexual orientation equality until the story blows over in a week or so.

In short, these people have to be seriously fucked in the head to think, "Yeah, we can totally get away with this, no problem. Nobody will mind if we make up asinine restrictions to clear out some of these ethnics. Last I checked, after all, the year is 1951. Huzzah to the future of the LPGA!" [lights olde timey-style cigarette on long black holder, cackles maliciously]


Iain 5:46 PM  

You forgot Sammy Sosa and the Canadian 80% of the NHL.

Zuch 7:25 PM  

This coming from a group related to the organization that did their damnedest to keep Casey Martin off the golf course because he needed to use a cart. Speaking of the Martin case, that ended up exposing the exclusionary conservatives in my high school junior year U.S. History class

Blogger 12:31 PM  

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