This Broad Creeps Me The Fuck Out

>> Thursday

That is all.


Mike 8:12 AM  

Aw come on. Cindy McCain is easily the creepier-looking woman on that ticket.

Iain 11:24 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Iain 11:56 AM  

You want creepy, try the mirror! AH HA! Seaiously though, for creepy, try McCain's Mom. Where's Brendan Frasier when you need him?

Damn Liberal Media Bashing My Govener! I'll show you fist shaking like you ain't seen since 1924!

Matt 3:17 PM  

My money says Iain's not even going to vote in this election, he's just trying to stir the pot. And if he does vote, it'll just be for McCain, not because of any ideological loyalty, but because he feels that'll keep the government oil drilling money flowing into his grubby mitts.

Also, Seve, you're right. Cindy McCain looks like the Crypt Keeper +5 pounds of makeup.

Anonymous,  5:06 PM  

Has anyone seen Laura Bush lately? When that woman got on the scene she was one of the more attractive first ladies ever. She's gone downhill, alot.

Iain 5:51 PM  

Speaking of Government oil money, I get $3269.00 next friday. Too bad all you get is goverment cheese!

JZilla 6:02 PM  

Laura Bush and Cindy McCain on stage together looked like a scene from the sequel to Pan's Labyrinth.

Matt 10:57 PM  

Now I know why that guy's anonymous. He used to think Laura Bush was attractive. Yipes.

Who is the best looking first lady, anyway? If (when) Barack wins, will it just be Michelle by default and the direct proportionality of berry darkness/juice sweetness?

Vinnie 1:48 AM  

I'm not touching that one...

Coincidentally as I'm reading this, I just heard on "Extra" (shut up--the remote's across the room and I'm too lazy to get up... that and I love this show and watch it twice a day) that Cindy McCain was wearing--no joke--$280,000 earings last night. In case you haven't heard, she's rich. Also, Oprah has banned Sarah Palin from coming on her show, and Ellen and her wife are talking adoption.

Matt 3:04 AM  

Oh don't worry, my last comment probably definitely put me (back) on an FBI watch list.

If anyone asks, I'm not here.

JZilla 7:11 AM  

For hot first ladies you'll hear a lot about Jackie Kennedy but for my money I'm going with Chester Arthur's wife Ellen:

If you're really into those weird looking anime chicks you'll probably love Hannah Van Buren.

Zuch 7:35 PM  

I can't believe there's another male viewer of Extra (my defense being that I'd watch just about any show at 1:30 in the morning with a hot blonde hosting-even better, I flip between Extra and Chelsea Lately during that 1:30 a.m. block).

Zuch 7:36 PM  

And to the subject of this thread, I'll refrain from any dirty thoughts about Mrs. Palin because I think they might impregnate her (seriously, that family churns them out).

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