Yes, I'm Still Excited

>> Monday

A few quick points about yesterday's game:

1. A special thanks to Gavin for oversleeping (due to drunkenness) so that Poethig could go to the game. He and I have both suffered through some awful Brewers baseball for basically our entire lives. He was, to say the least, excited to be there.

2. Speaking of Poethig - when Braun homered in the 8th, he and I embraced in a manner not seen since this special moment from Rocky 3:
(I was totally Apollo Creed)
3. As I may have told you already, I saw my old man (also known as "the toughest son of a bitch alive" or, "what would happen if John Wayne and Lou Brown from Major League had a kid) tear up when the Brewers won. I was flabbergasted. Poethig's response was, "Man, he's grizzled."
4. To the girl sitting in front of us at the game: Hey...what's up? How you doin'?
5. Having to watch the conclusion of the Mets/Marlins game on the jumbotron after the Brewers game ended was somewhat anti-climactic, but it was all worth it after Matt Lindstrom closed the deal and showered Miller Park in confetti, giving everyone one big face full of celebration.
6. I woke up this morning hung over, and not from drinking. Just, maybe?
7. It must really suck to be Ned Yost today.
8. Videos and links of the good stuff:
9. Nobody, and I mean nobody cared that the Packers lost. Anyone who lives (or has lived) in Wisconsin will appreciate how weird that is.
10. I'll say this again: I don't care if the Brewers get swept in the first round. At all. We're in, baby. And I love it.
P.S. Please, let Bob Uecker break out that tuxedo he wore in Major League for the playoffs.


Patrick 12:01 PM  

I think the big thing is that it took 90 wins to get the Wild Card. Thats ridiculously impressive

Paul 9:47 PM  

I actually had some classmates stop by my house to pick up my roommate for a baby shower during the game. One of my classmates actually had the audacity to tell me to turn on the Packers' game instead. I was like, "Are you kidding? This is the biggest moment in Wisconsin sports in the past few years, and you want me to put on a lousy Week 4 NFL game?"

Vinnie 3:08 PM  

Were you pimping our blog to some girl in front of you at the game? And if so, does this mean we have a female reader? I'd better stop peeing in the drinking fountain. Aw, who am I kidding--I'll continue peeing in the drinking fountain and generally exposing myself whenever possible.

Mike 6:23 PM  

Correct me if I'm wrong, but should the Sox win this one-game playoff, then every staff member* on this blog will have a rooting interest in the NLDS or ALDS.

God help us all.

* I mean, I assume Danny is rooting for the Cubs, Sox, or Brewers. He's got a tendency to do that when teams get good.

Patrick 9:55 PM  

Good call Mike, this has to be a first. Lets see how long this goodwill lasts before each of us start telling each other to go fuck off after our team is eliminated

Zuch 10:29 PM  

Yeah, this is an epic level of forces coming together at YCS, especially as the Brewers and Sox both tried their best to blow things in September.

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