Brilliant promotional idea for the White Sox

>> Thursday

I've already lent my genius consulting services to the Brewers. Hopefully, it caught the eye of the White Sox people too because I just came up with a brilliant idea for them. That's what we do here at Vinnie's Brilliant Ideas, Inc., and it's a fool-proof business model. We pay me to think; I churn out brilliant ideas, which is a matter of habit for me. Just another day at the ofice.

So what's this latest great idea from the Vinnie's pipeline? Simple--Invite a special guest to sing the seventh inning stretch during the Cubs-Sox series at the Cell this year. Who, you ask? Why none other than P.R. Chief in Chief, Barack Obama.

The reasons to stage this promotion are multifold and obvious. 1) As we all know, Barry's a huge Sox fan, and since being innaugurated, he's already shown up once at the Cell--to throw out the first pitch on opening day this year. 2) He should have the time, now that he's finished flubbing the big decisions on the economy. 3) It would piss off Cubs fans who feel that they own the celebrity-performed (and occasionally sortafamousperson-performed) seventh inning stretch tradition. 4) We'd get to hear Barry sing! 5) It would settle the current mess in Iran... at least in some alternate reality construed by the lefties in the mainstream media.

Now, some Sox fans might object and be all like, "No! That's something gay the Cubs do, and they're fags who suck! We don't wanna suck like them!" But of course--as seasoned Chicago baseball fans know--the singing of the seventh inning stretch began as a White Sox tradition.

It would be great. They could even have the Motivational Speaker in Chief join Hawk and Stone Pony in the booth to call a few innings and try to catch foul balls with Harry's old fish net. Harrelson-Stone-Obama: What a dream team! My palms are sweating just thinking about it. (Oh wait--that's just because I've my hands in my crotch for the last hour. But still!)

I think the Sox need to act fast on this idea, though, and do it during this year's series before rising unemployment gives rise to civil unrest and ultimately a violent coup, at which point Obama will be just another refugee seeking asylum from the Limbaugh Liberation Militia. In the meantime, though, it'll be fun at the ol' ballpark, Obama-style.

So what do you say, Chairman Reinsdorf? Is it a go? Hell yeah, it's a go! No, thank you, Chairman Reinsdorf. You can send my check to:

Accounts Receivable
Vinnie's Brilliant Ideas, Inc.
1010 Awesome St., Suite Idea
Badass, IL 60606-$$$$


Anonymous,  12:58 AM  

Ugh, is there no way to stop this whole thing about Obama being a Sox fan? First of all, he was not at the season opener. Second of all, this huge fandom thing didn't appear until mid-summer 08 when suddenly it was everywhere. I'm a guy who knows that the woman who played Rosanne's sister is a season ticket holder for years(same with WWF wrestler Mankind) and even I never heard of Obama being a Sox fan until summer 08. Find me a single picture of Obama at a Sox game prior to summer 08 other than a World Series photo-op(there aren't even any pictures of him watching the game that I've ever found, and I've looked). My theory? Noone gets elected President without embracing America's pastime. As a well known South Sider the choice was obvious so while campaigning he suddenly realized that he needed to instantly become a lifelong fan. In conclusion, Obama = poser Sox fan.

Real Sox fan

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