Someone needs to tell R.C. Johnson to quit saying words

>> Friday

I somehow skimmed past this quote (poorly-chosen, self-incriminating phrases in bold) from Memphis athletic director R.C. Johnson when I read the Dozier story earlier:

"We still feel comfortable about what we've done and that we've done all the do-rights, and time will tell. You don't want any of that stuff happening, but I'm pretty comfortable we've done all the things we're supposed to do."

Johnson added, "I thought we dotted all the I's and crossed all the T's on that situation. I know nothing different today than I did then."

Is his guilty conscience subconsciously forcing him to sabotage Memphis's chances of avoiding punishment? He might as well just say, "Oh crap, I thought we shredded all that stuff."


Paul 3:51 PM  

"Of greatest concern is the gross inconsistency in his testing record," University of Georgia's committee wrote in its report. "His [SAT verbal score of 590] would place him in the 76th percentile nationally, while his [SAT math score of 670] places him in the 89th percentile. This raises a serious red flag, since his PSAT from October 2000 places him in the 4th percentile nationally in both areas. Such a remarkable improvement in testing abilities in the span of nine months is highly improbable, particularly for a student with a C-minus record in average college prep courses in high school."

Enough said. Memphis is f***ed.

Vinnie 2:39 PM  

Yeah, I'd like to find out what the chi-squared value is for that type of improvement. First, though, I'd like to remember what a chi-squared value is and what it means.

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