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From a Steven Davis mlsnet.com article on the dismissal of LA Galaxy's coach Ruud Gullit, who previously coached in Europe, but like many European coaches, found the unique parity-driven nature of MLS fundamentally different, and challenging...

"But that's not the way in MLS, where salary caps and other player acquisition mechanisms are set to keep the playing field, if not completely level, then pretty close to it. Major League Soccer will never be an EPL, a Serie A or La Liga, where two, three or four teams bully the competition and perennially dominate the hardware. There will be no Chelsea, Man United, AC Milan, Barcelona or Real Madrid here. Baseball might work that way in this country (Hello, Yankees. What's up, Red Sox?), but this obviously isn't baseball."

Ignoring the phrase "Hello, Yankees. What's up, Red Sox?"...

EPL Champions since 1998: Different Championship teams: 3
'08: Man United
'07: Man United
'06: Chelsea
'05: Chelsea
'04: Arsenal
'03: Man United
'02: Arsenal
'01: Man United
'00: Man United
'99: Man United
'98: Arsenal

Italian Champions since 1998- Different Championship teams: 5
'08: Inter Milan
'07: Inter Milan
'06: Inter Milan*
'05: No Champion**
'04: AC Milan
'03: Juventus
'02: Juventus
'01: Roma
'00: Lazio
'99: AC Milan
'98: Juventus

* Juventus finished atop the table, Inter Milan finished second. Juventus was stripped of the title for their role in the Italian Match-fixing scandal, and it was awarded to Inter.

** Juventus finished atop the table, AC Milan finished second, and Inter Milan finished third. Juventus and AC Milan were both found guilty in the Italian Match-fixing Scandal, so no championship was awarded.

Spanish Champions since 1998- Different Championship teams: 4
'08: Real Madrid
'07: Real Madrid
'06: Barcelona
'05: Barcelona
'04: Valencia
'03: Real Madrid
'02: Valencia
'01: Real Madrid
'00: Deportivo
'99: Barcelona
'98: Barcelona

MLB Champions since 1998: Different Championship teams: 7 (potentially 8)
'08: TBD
'07: Boston
'06: St. Louis
'05: Chicago White Sox
'04: Boston
'03: Florida
'02: Anaheim
'01: Arizona
'00: New York Yankees
'99: New York Yankees
'98: New York Yankees

7 different championship teams in 10 years. Yea. That's really "two, three or four teams perennially dominating the hardware."


Vinnie 11:25 PM  

Retarded comment indeed. Like most people who are casual fans of baseball, he mistakes payroll and national exposure with winning championships. Not only are the WS winners incredibly scattered--basically ever since '62 or '63 or whenever the last of the Yankees pre-color television titles was--but I'd imagine (now I'm being just as conjectural as this dude) that the EPL hasn't seen the worst-to-first stories and the like that are riddled throughout the history of baseball.

Mike 11:24 AM  

The worst-to-first stories are damn near impossible, even relegation aside (where the three worst teams each season are demoted to the second division and replaced by the second division's top three teams)...the financial structure makes it almost impossible to make giant leaps forward. Teams that finish in 16th are not rewarded with higher draft picks like in North America.

But looking at your assessment, since 1962, the World Series has been won by 19 different teams. In addition to those 19, six other teams have played in the World Series, but have not won. That's a total of 25 out of 30 teams.

Only the Cubs, Expos/Nationals, Mariners, Rays, and Rangers have not played in the World Series since 1962.

During the same stretch of time, 12 teams have won the English top flight (but only four since the formation of the Premier League in 1992- Man U, Blackburn Rovers, Chelsea, Arsenal).

During the same stretch of time, only 7 teams have won the Spanish Primera.

During the same stretch of time, only 11 teams won Italy's Serie A (However, all but 12 of those 47Serie A seasons saw either Juventus, Inter Milan, or AC Milan finish atop the table).

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