I must say, I am appalled

>> Monday

Regrettably, more than half of the Olympics has gone by with almost zero coverage on this blog. No track posts by Pat. No soccer posts by Mike. Not even a single a skulls post by Matt. However, there is one matter that must not go unaddressed.

It has come to my attention in the last few days that many male Olympic spectators--including certain YCS authors and fans--have been experiencing, shall I say, inappropriate notions while watching women's gymnastics competition. Disgusting, I know, but if you can believe it, some men have been ogling the competitors rather than admiring them for their athletic skills.

Allow me to be the first to say: You are all sick and demented. Some of those girls are only sixteen! Do you know how young that is? They're pratically babies, even though if this were biblical times they'd all have borne children themselves by now. I don't care if some of the competitors are only seven or eight years younger than you, which wouldn't amount to much when you were, say, 47 and 54. It makes no difference. Those girls are young enough to be your nieces, for God's sake, assuming you have one of those crazy families where your brother is fifteen years older than you. That's just wrong.

Just because many of them are of legal consent age, that doesn't make it okay either, except in the eyes of the state and most people living under the law. Nor does the fact that some of them are in college or old enough to be in college, and seriously, what's so wrong about a guy in his mid-20s with a college freshman because it's really not that big a thing when you think about it. Nor the fact that many of the 16 year-old girls who have baby faces clearly have potential but just need to finish developing and turn seventeen. That doesn't make it right.

And let's not forget the fact that the girls on the Chinese team are obviously not sixteen. A few barely look thirteen. I mean, if you're one of those guys with a fetish for Asian women, that's totally fine and cool by me. Exploitation of children is a different story. That's something that should never, ever be taken in jest.


Mike 11:02 AM  

Lack of Olympic soccer posting largely attributed to my actively rooting against the US team.

Not for any want of patriotism, but because the sooner the US was knocked out, the sooner Brian McBride could suit up for the Fire.

US knocked out in group stage = McBride in Red and White last Saturday.

Also, the Olympics are for the most part, a 2-week collection of sports that no one gives a shit about outside of the Olympics, but then talks them up like they're an expert once every four years. (Swimming, Track, Gymnastics, Judo, etc.)

Vinnie 1:19 PM  

Don't you be questioning my judo expertise, you sonofabitch.

Zuch 1:41 PM  

It's good to know my honest admission for the reason of a good deal of my interest in women's gymnastics has caused such a moral outrage. I definitely admire their athletic gifts that clearly were not given to me, but also like to enjoy the scenery with the athleticism (the same can also be said for women's beach volleyball).

Matt 11:01 PM  

I haven't watched more than 10 minutes of the Olympics (although I have happened to see the US baseball team lose twice in the late innings), and I assumed Shawn Johnson was a black sprinter.

Also, if I were an MLB team owner, I'd take my private plane to Beijing and let word get out that any Cubans looking to defect should be at the airport at a certain time and then BOOM! - a team full of Cubans for me. Also, it would make me a people smuggler.

Patrick 3:55 PM  

If some people here would actually sit down and watch some of these sports that we don't see very often, then maybe some of you could have an appreciation. If you actually sit down and watch (take men's gymnastics for example) maybe you couple appreciate it.

Matt 4:25 PM  

I appreciate the skill/dedication involved in all the sports, I just don't give a fuck.

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