More YCS Politics - Obama and Biden and Osama Bin Laden

>> Wednesday

This post is totally not sports related, but earlier this week, Vinnie did already post on politics -- which has the sports-like elements of competition and a scoring system. Moreover, I'm hoping to generate some serious hits with this post.

Anyways, my current/temporary roommate pointed out tonight that "Obama and Biden" sounds a lot like "Osama bin Laden." He's right, and he's probably not the first person to observe this phenomenon.

However, I do think YCS will be the first forum on entire internet to post an official "Osama Bin Laden" graphic. "Change is so naive, man" was the closest match to "Change we can believe in" that I could conceive in less than 90 seconds.

Now, I hope this post and graphic don't offend the couple of diehard Democrats at YCS. Remember, I don't dislike Obama; I'm just more of a Bob Barr guy. Good night.


Matt 12:00 AM  

Aren't you the lunatic that originally supported Ron Paul?

Anonymous,  1:47 AM  

Punch AJ

Mike 8:10 AM  

So that makes at least two YCS staffers who like Bob Barr. How many electoral votes does this blog have? A million?

Vinnie 9:07 AM  

I fully expect that by November, this blog will exclusively be about politics. By December, we'll be writing about our favorite brands of toothpaste and poor service in eating establishments, and we will change our name to Yellow Chair Anything.

Vinnie 9:10 AM  

By the way, I love the slogan, "'Change' is so naive, man." Also, is change in quotes on the actual logo? That would be weird.

Anonymous,  9:28 AM  

The only candidate for me is Ralph Nader, the only toothpaste for me is Colgate(Crest sucks) and the WORST service in the country is waffle house(specifically the mean waitress with the died blonde hair)
Phil Nevin

Zuch 12:28 PM  

Hey, as an Obama supporter, I can't complain about a conservative vote going towards Bob Barr (In fact, I strongly promote said idea).

However, to provide some political balance here, I wouldn't mind if one of you guys that actually knows how to use Photoshop create the John McCain campaign poster, "Get these damn kids off of my lawn."

Vinod_Sharma 7:13 AM  

Exactly what I thought of too. Except that it was not 'and' but 'Vs' between the the two combinations.

Meaningless coincidence? What did James Redfield say about coincidences in The Celestine Prophecy? Intrigued? Read this:

Anonymous,  10:46 AM  

Vinod Sharma there are no meaningless coincidences. For example, your sexless life and your insane beliefs/horrid appearance.

Vinod_Sharma 12:01 PM  

Anonymous. You really are bitter about something. Get it out of your system. If I can be of any use, don't let false pride get in the way. Please. I mean it.

Vinnie 12:38 PM  

That... I did not expect.

Anonymous,  2:50 PM  

You got me Mr. Sharma, let's work through my bitterness issues that cause me to lash out at complete strangers. I'm asking for your help, let's work out these issues on this message board through YCS Group Therapy

Vinod_Sharma 10:06 PM  

Anonymous,thank you for your trust. We all lash out at something or the other without knowing why, or without really understanding why. Often it is an exaggerated reaction to an isolated incident which we may not even remember.

You have already won your battle by responding so warmly to me. Build on it. You will succeed faster than you think. Try befriending a few complete strangers. Start with the net first. It guarantees anonymity. Then, as you heal more - and you will know best when - reach out to strangers physically too. Some will put you off. Ignore them. Some will surprise you with their warmth. Embrace them.

Vinnie 10:27 PM  

What in the world???

Also, that picture is gonna give me nightmares tonight.

Anonymous,  11:44 PM  

Mr. Sharma, I've always followed the opposite approach, first I physically reach out to complete strangers and embrace them and after many hours of that I attempt to form a personal connection with them. Perhaps it is this policy which has led society to reject me as being too "out there" for their button-down lifestyles. You understand this Mr. Sharma.

PS. See Paul, this is what happens when YCS leaves the world of sports

Mike 12:02 AM  

This might top the comment thread with the sex-starved Everton crazies.

Vinod_Sharma 12:23 AM  

Anonymous. First befriend. Then embrace only those who deserve your embrace.

Feel free to mail me any time.

Anonymous,  9:45 AM  

Mr. Sharma, but how do we know who our true friends are? So much deception in this world, so many lies, it's enough to make one bitter and spiteful. The only way I've ever found to determine who the true friends are is to reach out with a physical embrace first. Whether it be with my hand, fingers outstretched grasping for friendship, or my breath on the back of their neck with tiny droplets of dribble blowing their way, it becomes clear who will accept me and who will not.
Hey! Awesome idea just came to me Mr. Sharma! Want to start a cult together???

Blogger 9:01 PM  

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