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>> Monday

I was over at the Chicago Tribune web-site this morning, and I decided to navigate the link to my second-favorite internet web-log, Hawk and DJ's baseball blog to see what fine insights these baseball veterans of a combined 21 years playing experience have offered in recent days.

Unfortunately, all I saw on the front page were videos of game highlights and Stats Inc. factoids and series previews. In fact, I had to go all the way back to April 9 to find the most recent Hawk post and March 15 for the latest DJ piece, which was his first since a blurb about a Jon Garland hot streak last June 4.

Fortunately for those of us who sorely miss Hawk and DJ's cutting analysis, I think I can fill in. I've watched enough White Sox games over the last several years to know how they would size up the recent doings of the Sox if they had the time to post. So first, let's hear from Hawk...

Different game

It's a shame the way the umpires have taken over the game. Ten, twenty, thirty years ago, you'd never see that. Guys just can't throw inside anymore. I've never seen as many exploding bats as I have in the last five years. Guys used to prefer ash bats, but more guys are going to maple. There was a pitcher I played with in Kansas City by the name of John O'Donoghue who we liked to call "Odelayheehoo" for short. We were playing Cleveland one time, and Rocky Colavito tagged Odie for a homerun in the first inning. Rocky was sort of a hot dog, and he started walking toward first when the ball left the bat, and Johnny-O didn't take too kindly to it. You never saw that sort of thing forty, fifty, sixty years ago. He said, "The next time he comes up, I'm gonna knock him on his backside before he even gets to the dish." Of course, he didn't use the word "backside." So as Colavito was leaving the on-deck circle next time up, O-dog pelted him right in the kisser. And that was before they made guys wear helmets. You don't see that anymore. You see a lot more maple bats today because they have a little more pop in them. I always preferred a good piece of ash. The umpires have to remember that the fans come out to see the players perform, not the umpires. Most of the umpires are very good, but some of them aren't as good. Just like there are good and bad ballplayers, there are good and bad umpires. You just want them to call balls and strikes the same for both sides.

Stretch! Stretch! Stretch!... Mercy! Dadgummit...

And now DJ...

Positive signs

I completely agree, Hawk. After a rough patch, Juan Uribe seems to be finding his rhythm. We all know that when Juan gets into a groove, he's one of the most dangerous hitters in the American League. He reminds me a lot of a guy I used to play against on the San Francisco Giants named Jose Uribe because they both used to play shortstop and have the last name Uribe. The young starting pitchers show no signs of slowing down, and you know Mark Buehrle will get back to pitching like the Cy Young-caliber ace we know he is. Jose Contreras looks fully healthy again, and I think he could have a career year. And we all know what the "Silent Assassin" Javy Vazquez can do. Kenny Williams has made some excellent moves, and Ozzie has these guys energized and playing hard. I think the Sox are hitting their stride, and I really think they will get in a groove. Kenny Williams has put together a great team, and you know this team will find its rhythm and be in the mix come September.


Zuch 2:54 PM  

That Hawk one is dead on. The only thing you can add would be Hawk regaling about the opportunity to play with Carl Yastrzemski and how great Yaz was.

Anonymous,  4:15 PM  

and about that one time he invented the batting glove...or stories about former teammates that don't sound remotely true. Damn I love those guys.

Patrick 5:11 PM  

Can someone please clear up the whole "silent assassin" thing. As opposed to the guy running down the street smashing pots and pans and yelling "I'm the loud assassin." Further evidence that watching Hawk and DJ is like watching a bunch of monkeys figure out how to multiply

Vinnie 11:16 PM  

Not sure if anyone has been watching the game tonight (only caught some of the first few innings during breaks of the Cavs-Celtics), but a couple highlights I caught:

-Hawk talking about playing baseball on a Wii
-"The slider goes with the sinker like ham and eggs."
-The obligatory mention of how umpires don't let pitchers throw inside anymore

I also realized I should have said "derriere"--Hawk's preferred choice of "ass" substiture--instead of "backside."

Vinnie 11:17 PM  


Zuch 1:56 PM  

I watched a little bit of the game last night (before I wisely turned to Steve Stone on the radio), but missed the Wii story (which would have been awesome). However, I did hear Hawk complaining about the lack of pitching inside.

You know, for one of those interleague game deals, I really want Hawk and Ron Santo to call a Cubs-Sox game together. The senility in that booth could permanently overwhelm the broadcast industry.

Anonymous,  8:25 PM  

This is hilarious! I found this blog entry after googling to see if I could find anyone reacting to Hawk and DJ accusing the umpires of outright cheating against the Sox during last night's broadcast. Both of these are spot on. The only thing missing is a stretch of complete silence when something good happens for the other team.

Anonymous,  10:25 PM  

Check that: it's a blog, not a broadcast. So no silence. Oops.

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