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ESPN Bottomline: "An Olympic spokesperson says that none of the 31 venues for the 2008 Summer Olympics were damaged in the 7.9 Earthquake that killed 9,000."

Good to see we've got things in perspective here.


Zuch 4:35 PM  

Actually, that would be a very relevant news item in regards to the event. We are still talking about arguably the world's second biggest sporting event (behind the World Cup), which makes it a very important angle to cover in regards to the news of an earthquake in that somewhat neighboring region of China.

In regards to ESPN's presentation of the news, their role is to mainly provide sporting news, and therefore they chose to report on the most relevant angle of the story to them.

Anonymous,  7:48 AM  

those are some good points Zuch, or should I say Devil's Advocate! Let's see how far we can take this.....children are important to our future.

Zuch 1:26 PM  

If CNN or MSNBC (or even that sham of a news network that starts with an F) led with an Olympics tie-in, I think Sever would have had a point. However, having graduated as a journalism major, I think ESPN handled things properly in their reporting of the news. Most of the time, there would be "less important" angles of the news than how it directly affects the victims, but those angles still need to be covered.

Anonymous,  5:23 PM  

Let's be realistic, the Olimpics rate at most in the mid-20's of improtant events. 1)Wrestlemania, 2) American Galiators........... 26)Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show 27) Olympics 28) ESPN's coverage of the Wolrd Championship of Competeive Cup Stacking. The Olympics mean NOTHING, this one even less, with so many athlets opting out due to pollution or political obbjections we are left with a second class games that I'm sure will be marred with contraversy. Let's just realize that the one true form of international competition that matters is World's Strongest Man/Woman.

Anonymous,  11:35 PM  

Anonymous you suck!(and I know this guy, therefore I can assure you I have ample evidence that he sucks) The Olympics are easily in the top baker's dozen of events. If you stopped sucking for once and paid attention you'd realize this.

Anonymous,  11:57 AM  

Really, THE MANCOW!!! No Friggin' Way!! No one watches the Olympics who the hell has time. Between all the great summer movies and beach paties on Lake Michigan who has time or is sober enough to care? We get shit for coverage, with most of it fit only for child molesters. How many times do we have to watch people swimming laps. Its Not Worth Watching. If someone pulled ther head out of your mom's ass and put all the events on an On Demand channel, like NFL Sunday ticket, then it might be worth watching. We get coverage of 3 events with 1 minute of coverage for 30 minutes of comercials and 29 minutes of "Insperational" back story. The Olympics is DEAD!!

Anonymous,  1:34 PM  

First of all don't even get started with me in terms of beach parties and rocking the lake, I invented beach parties and rocking the lake while you were in the cradle sucking on batteries. The Olympics are perfectly timed for when you just finished a big night of partying and want to unwind before you start to party again. Just swimming laps back and forth? That's what you do in your house's giant toilet that's actually the house(ie. your house is a giant toilet). The Olympics are the pinnacle of sport and feature the best athletes in the world going all out in what will be the biggest moment of many of their lives. Not that you would know anything about that in your unaccomplished life. Stop working on your gellatenous microwavable treats and watch the Olympics this summer to know what real sports are. You heard it here first and you'll thank me when it's done. PEACE.

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