Random Thoughts While Eating My Wheaties!!!

>> Monday

1.) Special Olympic stud Oscar Pistorius won the right to compete in Bejing this summer with his super duper carbon fiber "Cheetahs." Let me be the first to congratulate that tool arbitrator who destroyed even playing fields.
2.) That said, rumors have been swirling about the Cubs forgoing the July trading deadline and thus deciding to cut off Kerry Wood's arm and replace it with a super bionic launch pad that will throw 325 mph.
3.) The Pittsburgh Pirates are 21-23. But are 20-15 against teams not named the Cubs. Further proof the National League just sucks
4.) It took the Yoster 2 months to remove the Gag-ne as his teams closer...proof that the Brewers are, well the Brewers.
5.) How long till the Cubs realize that they are, well the Cubs?
6.) Times are tough... especially for Purdue safety Torii Williams who was busted for using his five-finger discount on what else....condoms. Seriously?
7.) More people should dress like Don Cherry, he obviously knows something we don't.
8.) Over-Under # of games the Pistons get royally screwed: 4
9) What happened to real basketball? I mean, whats with all this pyrotechnic crap with some semi-retarded jackass screaming the starting lineups? And what happened to players actually warming up? Where's the "Three Man Weave," the fundamentally sound layups, calisthenics? Lets get back to the basics people!
10.) Tony Kornheiser is being forced out of his position with the Washington Post...so we can read more nonsense by writers such a Jason Whitlock and Jay Mariotti. Tony, you transcended sports journalism and have the utmost respect by everyone who writes for this Blog.


Matt 7:05 PM  

Now THIS is the Pat Scott I fell in love with. It's like a cross between Larry King and some old-timey sportswriter who probably wears a fedora. Like that guy who does boxing, whose name escapes me.

Anonymous,  9:42 PM  

do commenters count as people who write for this blog? because I don't like Tony ever since he said something bad about a team I root for. Asshole.

Vinnie 9:56 AM  

Bert Sugar is that guy, and he is awesome.

More importantly, what are you doing eating Wheaties at 4:17 PM? From what I recall, that's around the time of day when you'd be eating pesto rigatoni straight from the pot. Oh you runners with your crazy eating schedules.

Patrick 2:24 PM  

Ah, Vinnie you are so right. Actually before my bowl of Wheaties, I did have a spectacular pot of Pesto Cavatappi with a slice of garlic bread. And true to form, I ate out of the pot with an oversized wooden spoon

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