Vitale: It's Mr. Obama!

>> Wednesday

With the 2008 United States presidential race heating up by the hour, YCS is doing its best to stay on top of every twist and turn. As part of our coverage, we're seeking out the top analysts in the world of sports to share their unique perspectives on the most recent developments in the race. In the third installment of our series, colorful college basketball analyst Dick Vitale takes a moment out of his offseason to weigh in on Senator Barack Obama's clinch of the Democratic presidential nomination.

Wow, what an exciting presidential primary season! After all the anticipation, we finally have a Democratic nominee, and his name is Barack Hussein Obama!

Hillary Clinton fought hard all the way, but in the end, Mr. Obama was just too tough. Now only one more opponent stands between Obama and becoming the first ever black American president. What a remarkable accomplishment! Just think--Five years ago, Barack was an unknown state senator from Illinois, and now he's one step away from the most powerful position in the world.




I remember the first time I saw Barack Obama when he gave the key-note speech at the 2004 Democratic convention. I was watching it with Digger, and I said, "This kid is going to be special. The charisma, the poise--This kid is SPECIAL. His stock is going way up. I'd like to buy some stock in Mr. Obama!"

When I heard last year that Barack would run for president, it didn't surprise me at all. I said to Mike Patrick, "I think this kid can go all the way. He has all the tools to do it, and he has so much momentum right now.

"But if there's one person who could beat him in the general election, that man is Robert Montgomery Knight. But if he doesn't run this term, I think only one other candidate could match up with Obama. And his name is John Sidney McCain III."

Wow--What an incredible battle this is going to be. The two powerhouses head-to-head in November: Jonathan Sidney McCain and Barackary Hussein Obama. I've got goosebumps! Feel my arms, Dan Schulman! I've got goosebumps!

I can't wait until the fall! 2008 should go down as one of the all-time great elections in the history of politics! It'll be awesome baby!!!!!


Zuch 1:18 AM  

Of the many failed YCS ideas, I would have never picked this one to return. Of course, with Dick Vitale involved, it means one thing: Obama-McCain debate at Coach K Court at Cameron Indoor Stadium with all of the Cameron Crazies going wild, and special ESPN Full Circle coverage of the event (See the debate from the revolutionary ceiling camera).

Mike 8:44 AM  

I think you mean the Obama-McCain Debate presented by State Farm and built by the Home Depot. They paid big money for those sponsorship rights, Zuch.

Vinnie 12:12 PM  

No idea has truly failed as long as I insist on beating it into the ground. And on that note, you can look for the fourth installment around convention time.

Zuch 1:52 PM  

I'd pay money (okay, something in between a penny and a dollar) to read the insight of John Madden on this tight presidential race.

Matt 2:37 AM  

You'll get said insight, if I have anything to do with it (and I will, by vulturing Vinnie's idea). Also, I'm an idiot because I need to fix the problems with the pictures on the site again. Also, I was heavily drinking tonight.

Anonymous,  7:16 AM  

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Vinnie 8:59 AM  

Wow... Harini was alllll over that one.

And yes, you Matt specifically have permission to vulture my idea. But like all of our bad ideas, we must make sure to use it sparingly. In the future, it will require a formal, signed letter of permission on my behalf.

Also, I thought it was just sheer coincidence that both my work and home computer, as well as my new home computer and my parents' computer, had the same odd glitch that prevented them from loading the images from this site. Which is to say, I've been meaning to ask you why our banner hasn't shown up for months. And yet--we've still maintained a few readers who appreciate our substance-over-style (ok, schtick-over-substance-over-style) approach.

Pedro Cerano,  11:28 PM  

I wonder how the people of Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, Texas and Alabama feel about State Farm denying their claims but being able to pony up large amounts of cash to sponsor college basketball games. That good will must just throw walls up in their houses.

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