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>> Monday

Since we've all been too busy/lazy/indifferent to post much lately (though I don't think anyone else has noticed anyway), I figured I'd refresh the page by ripping off Pat's signature recurring post by tossing out a bunch of lazy one-liners about recent happenings in sports. Here goes...

Word today is that the Mariners fired hitting coach Jeff Pentland, who will be temporarily replaced by former Cubs manager Lee Elia. Wow--between manager John McLaren and Elia, I expect more unnecessary profanity in the Mariners' clubhouse than in Dennis Leary's standup act.

If we don't see better starts out of Joba Chamberlain soon, we may see Brian Cashman lose his joba.

Federer lost to Nadal again in the French Open. That Nadal is one fine-looking tennis player. And I do mean fine-looking.

Think Rafael Nadal bears any relation to former Marlins catcher Bob Natal?

Now that Dominik Hasek is retiring, he should have a lot more time to spend with his beautiful family and also, this guy.

Did you see Big Brown fall apart at the Belmont? Man, I haven't seen a horse choke that bad since that episode of Mr. Ed where he bites off Wilbur's arm.

That was some NBA Finals game last night, with L.A. nearly erasing a 20-point fourth quarter deficit. Man, I haven't seen Celtics choke like that since the Roman army won the Battle of Mons Graupius in 84 A.D.

More overdramatic: Paul Pierce on Thursday night or Cher in Moonstruck? Discuss.

...And I'm out!

(P.S.: I'll be going out of town tomorrow, so don't expect any new posts out of me until at least next Monday. Which is to say, don't expect any new posts out of this site until at least next Monday.)


Mike 7:47 PM  

Splitting hairs perhaps, but this post reads kinda like an episode of Family Guy.

You think THAT'S BAD! Remember that one time I played horseshoes on the moon with Joe Pesci?

Vinnie 9:16 PM  

Duh... This whole post was deliberately ironic. Man, I totally need a smarter audience.

Anonymous,  1:10 AM  

I got it. I can see ironies within ironies within ironies.
Phil Nevin

Blogger 10:03 AM  

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