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>> Wednesday

The latest in the long list of YCS's reporting on the shady characters of the world of sport comes in the form of a Tampa Bay Devil Rays prospect NOT NAMED Delmon Young.

However, unlike our usual cheeky cast of characters who make sport colorful, this guy is one sick motherfucker. It is in fact Elijah Dukes; the latest addition to the Douchebag hall of fame, so he's being pulled out here for a public flogging, since untill now, I'd never heard of this guy, and he definitely deserves a public internet flogging.

Dukes is presently accused of impregnating the teenage foster child of one of his relatives, then responding to the news of the pregnancy by whipping a bottle of Gatorade at his new baby mama.

I say "new" because Dukes is reported to have at least five children by four different women.

Oh yea, one of the mothers is his wife, who he recently threatened to kill, along with their children.

While we all point the finger at Barry Bonds (myself included) as being a total asswipe, it really takes characters like Dukes to put the word "scumbag" into perspective.

HT: Kenn Tomasch


Nathan 4:32 PM  

Let's make it very clear that this entry into "the long list of YCS's reporting on the shady characters of the world of sport" is not at all like the others.

Our general coverage on "shady" characters has been positive (see Stephen Jackson and Corey Brewer) so don't confuse this assbag with the great players like 'Sheed and A.I. that make the rest of the world cringe, but make YCS jump up and cheer...in fact, let's not even award this guy the title of one of YCS's shady characters.

He's not shady. He's an asshole. That is all.

Mike 4:46 PM  

Duly noted and corrected.

Matt 6:19 PM  

I can only imagine what other results you got on your Google Image search for "douche."

Vinnie 9:04 PM  

First you've heard of Elijah Dukes? Dude, start watching American sports once in a while.

Mike 8:09 AM  

You're right, Vinnie. My attention on the Tampa Bay Devil Rays just isn't what's expected of most sports fans.

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