Two Fractions of a Post Does Not Equal One Legitimate Post...

>> Thursday

...but here goes anyway.

Firstly, I saw this tidbit on Deadspin (via some blog called Hugging Harold Reynolds) that I'm sure nobody saw because it took place during an NIT basketball game involving Penn State. In what I can only assume was done for the express purposes of unintentional comedy, Bill Rafferty interviewed Joe Paterno during the game and Paterno delivered this gem of an out-of-nowhere old man quote:

"Everyone says it's a black mans game. When I played it was a Jewish mans game."

Now, in the pantheon of sports figures that can do absolutely no wrong in the eyes of YCS, Joe Paterno is very easily in the top 10, behind 'Sheed and Manny Ramirez but somewhere in the neighborhood of Allen Iverson. However, I've gotta say I find what JoePa said here a little offensive. A Jewish man's game? Really, Joe? Come on, that's patently offensive and silly. I hate to break it to you, but no sport or athletic endeavor has been considered a 'Jewish man's game' since dreidel and "killing Christ" fell out of popularity with today's youth (what with their video games, make out parties and their Dan Fogelberg records).

Second - has anyone noticed that ESPN and ESPNRadio's "ESPN Deportes" updates are absurdly, laughably racist? I mean, like ridiculously so? I've seen or heard about ten of these in the last week and so far all I've gathered is that they're just someone of varying hispanic descendence giving soccer highlights in an extremely thick Spanish accent. Is that really reaching out to a new market demo, ESPN? I mean, what the hell?


Mike 9:17 AM  

Rock on. There's definitely a thread on a major soccer message board titled "Why does ESPN always switch over to ESPN Deportes when showing soccer highlights on Sportscenter?"

It's almost as if ESPN is completely unaware that the game was invented in England and not Mexico.

Anonymous,  7:27 PM  

So I was trying to figure something out the other day. When Hugh Hefner dies, will there be Playboy Bunnies at the funeral in full Bunny attire? I mean, on the one hand you can't NOT have Bunnies. From the age of 20 on every facet of the man's life has featured Bunnies. But really? Playboy Bunnies at a funeral? I have no idea which direction they're going to go on this.

Vinnie 10:14 PM  

I don't know about you, but I'll make sure to put in my will that there must be Playboy Bunnies at my funeral, assuming Playboy adapts to the new media effectively enough to still be in business when my time comes. What better way to make sure people come? I figure that way I can treat people like shit all my life and look like the greatest guy in the world because my funeral attendance will be so good. I think I'll have a bobblehead giveaway for good measure.

I'm glad I'm not the only person totally baffled by ESPN Deportes. Weird, offputting, pointless... Just a few words that come to mind.

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