North Carolina Defeats Michigan State; Recession to Continue

>> Tuesday

Sorry, this really isn't a post, but I'm sure regardless of where they fall on the political spectrum, all the YCS writers can agree that all the "Michigan State needs to win this one for the state of Michigan!" stories were absolutely insufferable. Unless there was some sort of side bet made between Roy Williams and Tom Izzo that the losing coach was contractually obligated to buy 5,000,000 Fords, I don't really see how a Spartans victory was supposed to help the state's horrendous economy.


Mike 4:45 PM  

Insufferable? Absolutely.
Allegorical? Possibly.

I mean, most of Honda, Toyota, et. al.'s American plants are located in the Southeast.

So if you extend the "Sports as Parable for Economics" metaphor (previously seen in Rocky IV) to its logical end, then the trouncing Carolina handed out to the slower, more clumsily-operating, outdated-M.O. Spartans is downright apt.

Vinnie 11:04 PM  

Right now the median home price in Detroit is $13,000. If MSU had won, I bet it would've been $13,100.

Iain 12:29 AM  

Only because the rioting would have burned down 15% of the city.

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