Vick to Play Again?

>> Tuesday

He has been offered a contract by the Albany Firebirds of ArenaFootball 2.

You know your life is messed up when you get out of prison, only to find that your best career option is to play in Albany for a minor league team, of a league who has suspended operations, playing a third-rate sport.


Anonymous,  10:32 PM  

Ren doesn't seem that angry with Vick, he kind of always looks like that.

Vinnie 10:55 PM  

No Peabody? That cartoonist sucks. Also, how is that not infringing on tons of (or more accurately, eight) copyrights? I ain't no big city lawyer...

Dan 11:02 AM  

If that doesn't work, imagine if he took a coaching position with the UAlbany Great Danes.

Anonymous,  2:19 PM  

Poor Vick, guy can't catch a break. What he did is not worse than bullfighting. If Vick spent his offseasons as a bullfighter in Spain he would be seen as quirky and charming for it. ESPN would have a field day(in a good way). Dog owners really need to chill out.

Iain 7:01 PM  

To use an example from the SAT, bullfighting is to dog fighting as MMA or Boxing is to getting stabbed in a dark alley for your wallet. Yes bullfighing is violet, yes the bull dies; but the point of bull fighting is for the bull to die quickley and with dignaty whereas Vick's dogfighting ring thrived on killing dogs that didn't have the killer instinct in various disgusting manners; electicution, drowning and just plain smashing their heads into the wall till the dog's brains squished out in their hands.

Anonymous,  11:28 PM  

Okay, what if Vick spent his offseasons bow hunting for deer? Bow hunting is seen as more challenging as one arrow pretty much never kills a deer. You shoot, he runs, you track for an hour, shoot again, repeat. Eventually the deer slowly bleeds to death over the course of several hours. All while a simple gunshot could have killed him real at the start. If Vick was a bow hunter noone would mind.

Vinnie 12:47 PM  

Poor Phillip Markoff. Guy can't catch a break. What he did was no worse than fishing. If he'd spent his private hours baiting fish hooks instead of baiting young women on Craigslist and murdering them, he might be on the pro bass fishing tour. Friends and family of murdered people really need to chill out.

Iain 4:50 PM  

Thank You Vinnie. As far as your points anonymous, you can't jsut keep trying to tie parallels between what Vick did and acceptable behavior. If this were some time in the middle ages and Saturday afternoon entertainement consisted of stoning the local adulters or flailing the skin off a pick pocket then no one would care what he did with his dogs. Today you can't own slaves, kiss a hooker on the mouth or kill dogs, with your bare hands or otherwise!
you can keep trying to find some acceptible form of "animal curalty" that is generally acceptible and equally as disgusting as what Vick did, I don't think you will. Vick has showen shit for judgement in acting like a normal human being in decent socity. Does he deserve a second chance, yes he does, but he's not being treated unfairly for his crimes.

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