The Post Where I Call Donovan McNabb an Idiot

>> Monday

Oh, Donovan. I think you're a pretty good quarterback and all, but gat damn son, keep your mouth shut when discussing the intricacies of the NFL rulebook.

"I didn't know that," said McNabb, who played a leading role in keeping it tied. "I've never been part of a tie. I never even knew it was in the rule book. I was looking forward to getting the opportunity to get out there and try to drive to win the game. But unfortunately with the rules, we settled with a tie."

You seriously didn't know that NFL regular season games can end in a tie? What the fuck, man? Weren't you in the league in 2002, the last time there was a tie? Pay attention!

Then, your dumb ass goes on to talk about how you'd hate to see what happens when there's a tie in the playoffs or the Super Bowl. News flash, Donny: NFL playoff games don't end in a tie. The percentage of people who don't know that is probably smaller than the percentage of fucktards that don't know that regular season games can end in a tie. Jesus Christ. You have a helmet for a reason, wear it.

Also - I know a big part of this whole thing is that it's ridiculous that there are still ties in the NFL, and to an extent, I agree. But, I do like the tie in situations like this because it places a big "RETARD" stamp on the collective foreheads of each team for failing to put a point on the board during OT. I mean, come on. Even the Lions could have scratched out a field goal or something, maybe.

Now, because this debate will be raging throughout the nation for the or so, I need to get my hat into the ring. I know a lot of people don't like the NFL OT because it gives the appearance of settling things on a coin flip. Sure, I'll go with that. I, on the other hand, don't think the college system is perfect either, because this "let's start at the 25" bullshit isn't real football. I want a battle for field position, dammit. Also, it seems a little bit too much like the NHL in which tie games are settled with a skills competition that doesn't really tell you who the best team is. Granted, NHL shootouts and college overtimes are fun and pretty entertaining, but in the end I'm always left feeling a bit unsatisfied with the result.

My solution: simplicity, motherfuckers. Borrow a page from the NBA and just play another, shorter period with the same rules. Why aren't we doing this already? Just play one 5 minute (or 10 minute or 7 minute or whatever) period. Coinflip to determine possession, each team gets two timeouts, no coaches challenges, play to the whistle. If the game's still tied at the end of the first OT, then we go to sudden death. This way, both teams are guaranteed at least one offensive possession and probably more. And there are no ties. And special teams and field position actually matter. Put it in the rulebooks, bitches.


Mike 1:22 PM  

That idea makes too much sense to be adopted.

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