Charlie Weis: Keep Him or Can his Ass?

>> Sunday

For the most part, everyone on this blog loves to hate on Notre Dame. Maybe it is their insecure notions that Domers are somehow better than us Marquette(ers) or that Jesus allegedly wears an old school Lou Holtz sweater and cap during every game. But I am here asking my fellow bloggers whether Chuck Weis deserves to keep his job as head football coach. I will forward our decision to whomever it may concern at Notre Dame.

The Case Against Charlie "Chuck" Weis:
- Charlie Weis is 28-21 (.571) record in four years as head coach while his predecessors Bob Davie (35-25) and Ty Willingham (21-15) had higher winning percentages during their tenure.
- You lost to Navy, Syracuse, and a bunch of other shitty teams.
- You lost by a combined score of 76-3 to USC the past two years.
- You have only beaten one top 25 team in four years (Penn State 2005)
- Your best seasons were with another coaches players.
- You look absolutely awful.

The Case For Charlie Weis:
Two straight top recruiting classes with another coming.
- The last two seasons were played with a ton of young players.
- Despite a 6-6 record this year, the team showed marked improvement despite what the critics have mentioned.
- What available coach would be a better option (Other than Lou Holtz)
- You have Joe Montana Jr on your bench.

I would opt to keep Charlie Weis for one more season. If he is unable to win at least 9 games with their ridiculously easy schedule then he deserves to be canned. But what do you think?


Matt 6:25 PM  

Keep him for one more season. Save whatever the buyout money is, and see if the Rivals rankings for all his recruiting classes end up paying off.

Also, "you look absolutely awful" killed me.

Also, for the last time, it's Nate Montana (which sounds like an adventurer), not Joe Montana Jr.

Anonymous,  6:40 PM  

Join the debate, fire Weis now are give him another year

Zuch 12:44 AM  

I'm with Bechtel in keeping him one more year, as he's proven to be a great recruiter (I wouldn't imagine it myself, but apparently teenage kids love the not so jolly ND giant) and was basically the architect of the Patriots offense that won Super Bowls before he went to ND. Before he got to ND, Brady Quinn barely completed 50% of his passes. Weis helped develop Quinn into a first round pick, and I still maintain he'll be a good NFL quarterback.

Also, as you mentioned, Ty Willingham left the cupboard beyond bare once Quinn's class graduated and you basically cannot win with young players in college (although Nick Saban is pulling a great Houdini act there at Alabama).

A year from now, I think ND will be in the talks for a BCS bowl, and it makes no sense to make a change right when Weis could be on the verge on building a strong foundation there for the first time since Lou Holtz's heyday there.

Mike 9:41 AM  

I say give him one more year, but with the caveat that the problems at ND go deeper than Weis.

Notre Dame has this bizarre notion that they can be the Harvard of the Midwest, and also compete for BCS bowls and National titles every year. History has shown that it's really hard to be both Harvard and Oklahoma, and the ones that pull it off are usually one-year wonders.

Why Notre Dame has fallen behind in quest for talent

This has been most visible in the ND-USC series, where Notre Dame has lost seven straight. Watching them play against USC Saturday was like watching an NFL team against a high school team. But the problem goes deeper than Weis. Five of the last seven ND-USC games (all won by USC), have been decided by 31 points or more. That is just a near decade-long ass-whipping.

I attribute it in large part to the fact that USC has been able to attract NFL-calibre recruits at a much more prolific rate than their counterparts in South Bend (in part to coaching, program, but also to lower academic hurdles).

Think about it...after Brady Quinn, who's your favorite Notre Dame-alum to make it and still be active in the NFL? Other than Quinn, ND has only had two players drafted in the First Round since 1998. (Off. Tackle Luke Petitgout, 1999; Center Jeff Faine, 2003). ND hasn't had multiple first-rounders in a draft since 1994. Meanwhile, USC has had multiple first-rounders taken in 3 of the last 6 drafts.

Now while I don't think anyone at Notre Dame would want to see ND become a football factory like Texas or Oklahoma, where despite great players, the graduation rate is in the toilet.

However, if ND is unable to deliver on these "up-and-coming great recruiting classes" year after year, that could very well jeopardize their NBC contract. If ND loses their NBC cash cow, I really cannot see them remaining a football independent much longer. The only decision would be whether football would join the rest of the Irish's sports in the Big East, or if it would join up with its traditional rivals in an expanded Big Ten, enabling the Conference to hold a lucrative Championship game. Then Notre Dame football will bear little resemblence to its predecessors.

Admittedly a lot of dominoes need to fall for that to happen, but I think we're closer to that scenario than we are to Notre Dame winning a National Championship in the foreseeable future.

Zuch 1:14 PM  

Actually, ND is in no real danger of losing the NBC contract (barring a run of a bunch of 3-9 like bad losing seasons). Remember, ND hasn't exactly been kicking ass and taking names over the last decade and NBC quickly renewed their contract last time around (to 2014 IIRC). Currently, ND is NBC's only tie-in to college football and that relationship is as strong as ever despite ND sucking it up the past two seasons.

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