"Well, Kansas has been in this spot before..." and other stupid comments by Billy Packer

>> Monday

I have long held a disdain for the terrible tandem of Billy Packer and Jim Nance, but my frustrations have reached new heights. His idiocy this weekend was intolerable. He sucks in so many ways, and CBS should stop rewarding him with the best jobs based solely on his longevity and seniority.

Here are his most salient transgressions from the past 72 hours:

  • "Kansas has been in this spot before in a championship game... The 1957 team played in overtime when they won the championship." What? Did he just suggest a connection between this OT game and a game played 51 years ago? Did anyone else catch this comment? This suggestion is almost absurd as Cubs' fans saying they have been suffering for 100 years. Seriously. I thought he was going to reference some big OT game that KU pulled out this year (or even last year!), not some game that half of Kansas' fan base and the entire Kansas squad wasn't even alive to witness. We all know you are a dumb old bastard that has been around the sport for a long time, Billy. You don't have to prove it by referencing the '57 championship.
  • "See, back in 1985, Memphis... (then gets cut off by a change in the action)." Fortunately for Billy, some exciting play kept him from finishing this thought. A mere few minutes after his ridiculous "Kansas has experience in OT" comment, he almost went back to the well to make some connection between the current Memphis squad and that of the 80's. Sorry baldo. No connection. You're lucky KU missed the front end of a 1-and-1; otherwise, you would have finished that statement and looked quite the fool.
  • "See, this is what happens when a big guy gets tired. He commits a stupid foul." (after Joey Dorsey committed his third foul on a 50/50 charging/blocking call) Billy has this tendency to make arguments or criticisms and then continue to spend the next 10 minutes justifying his argument. Case in point: Joey Dorsey was looking winded, Billy Packer argues that Dorsey's prone to commit a foul, Joey Dorsey makes a relatively good defensive play and slides in a moment too late for the charging call, and Billy has to mention this play several times as a justification for his original argument (wow, long run-on sentence). Anyways, Packer is always on the defensive, always justifying his comments with little bits of questionable "proof."
  • "This game is over." (Saturday night) I think plenty of people have pounced on this comment, which came less than halfway into the first half of the UNC-KU game. Of course, in typical Packer fashion, he justified this comment later when UNC pulled within an arm's length by saying the game was still over. Nonetheless, a stupid comment.

And for good measure, here's what I hate about Jim Nance:
  • He's too melodramatic - This guy may be the best at the business in overstating the importance of basketball in the bigger picture of life, the excitement of games, the emotions of the NCAA tournament, etc. Honestly, this guy either is a big emotional puss or really wants to oversell the drama.
  • He yields too much to Billy - "What do you think, Billy?" Seriously, Jim. Don't even ask.


Paul 12:32 AM  

I forgot to mention how obsessed Jim Nance is with the game back stories, e.g. the Larry Brown connections of both coaches, how both coaches met their wives in Lawrence, KS, etc.

JZilla 10:36 AM  

I imagine Jim Nance not sleeping at all between the semifinals and the championship game, trying to come up with the perfect sound bite to utter after the game.

Rock, Chalk, Championship...guess he didn't stay up all that late.

I noticed the "Kansas has experience in OT" comment as well. I guess the metaphysical idea of "kansas" has the experience and therefore "kansas" can draw from it.

Vinnie 12:39 PM  

Billy Packer on the current state of the U.S. economy:

"Congress has been in this spot before during a recession. Back in 1935, they passed the Social Security Act."

Billy Packer after the Confederacy won the First Battle of Bull Run:

"The war is over."

Patrick 4:05 PM  

I heard that comment about Kansas being in this spot before. I was like, are you kidding me? What a complete blowhard. What is worse is that it is easily noticeable that he is trying too hard.

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