Join YCS in celebrating Earth Day

>> Tuesday

Every once in a while, we like to use this blog to do something socially responsible. With today being Earth Day, as a show of solidarity for the people of Earth, we are lending our support to the environmentalist cause the best way we know how.

That's right--For today, all of our posts will be written in....


By writing our posts in green text, we believe we can raise awareness of important global environmental issues among America's youth, who so often come here for spiritual guidance.

We also encourage all of you to observe Earth Day by practicing resource conservation--not only throughout today but every day of the year. You can start by turning off your computer once you've finished reading this post and re-reading our entire archives. You see, in the time it took you to read that last sentence, you created another 60,000 tonnes of carbon emissions and killed four trees. That sentence? Another five trees. They're adding up fast, dude. Better turn off your computer and get outside and start planting.

Some other suggestions for conserving resources:

-Instead of driving home from work or school, take your bike or hail a rickshaw.

-Opt for tap water over bottled water. For best results, put your mouth directly around the faucet to avoid the risk of spillage.

-Go to your nearest beverage vending machine, purchase its entire contents, empty each bottle into the sink, and recycle the empties. This way, you know they'll all be recycled, and absolutely nothing gets wasted.

-Don't just throw away your trash until you've explored all ways in which it can be used for biofuel. Objects like disposable silverware and broken rubberbands can be used to craft a small turbine that you can operate with an uncontrolled burn of the combustible trash, which can be used to power your electric toothbrush.

And remember, kids: Some things, like the well-being of our planet, are more important than sports. And that's why we at YCS always take these matters very, very seriously.


Anonymous,  9:05 AM  

I do come here for spiritual guidance. I worship at the alter of Uno. Stephen.

Anonymous,  7:37 PM  

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