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>> Thursday

Why not help me find the next Marquette coach. While I'm confident in your ability to a good job and think the worse case scenario (Brad Brownell) would still do a good job, why not bring aboard a youthful enthusiast of the program who has a strong knowledge of the college basketball landscape. It may not work out, but I would bring the mentality of think big or go home. Marquette has a ton to offer despite what Crean's sheep in the media would like you to believe (money talks and bullshit walks away to Bloomington). Also, you can guarantee I would not leak anything to the media (At least correct info that is, I would love to see Andy Katz and Seth Davis continue to look like the fools they are). I have plenty of time on my hands and would offer services very cheaply. Besides, San Antonio could really use a fat Marquette fan wanting to make a presence. Hell, this may not even be the most ridiculous thought ever posted here.


Patrick 7:29 PM  

The thing I don't get is why is everyone giving T.C. a slurp job suddenly. I mean, ESPN folks are acting like he's the second coming (although I bet T.C. actually believes it in his own, egotistical mind). The guy is really an average coach if you think about it.

BTW Zuch, did T.C. ever have a players meeting with his old players before he bolted? Did he ever have a news conference in Milwaukee or did he just pack up and leave without saying anything?

Vinnie 9:15 PM  

Office of the President
Rev. Robert Wild, S.J.
O'Hara Hall, 101/102
615 N. 11th St.
Milwaukee, WI 53233
414-288-3161 (FAX)

Office of the Senior Vice President
Mr. Greg Kliebhan
O'Hara Hall, 209
615 N. 11th St.
Milwaukee, WI 53233
414-288-7454 (FAX)

Let's mobilize, fellas!

Vinnie 9:34 PM  

By the way, I don't think you can call Tom Crean an "average" coach. An average coach is, like, whoever's coaching Nebraska or Fresno St. right now. (By the way, Zuch, if I'm showing my ignorance by not knowing that one of those guys happens to be some huge rising star in the coaching biz, please be gentle. Or humiliate me. Either works for me.)

Paul 10:25 PM  

Zuch, I'm using my huge financial clout within the Alumni Association to get you the job. Oh wait, that's right. My net worth is nearing the red right now. Well, I'll call up Steve Cottingham. I've met him a few times. I'm sure he remembers me.

Patrick 9:57 AM  

I meant to say he is an average in-game coach. Just because he is a sly recruiter doesn't make him a good coach. It just makes him someone who will get to the tournament and then have a slew of first-second round losses

Vinnie 11:21 AM  

Ok, but... That's sort of important. Recruiting, being one of the primary functions--and perhaps the most important one--of a coach, can't just be tossed aside like that. The title "college basketball coach" entails the whole package, so to brand a guy "average" because he's (ostebsibly) an average game coach but an awesome recruiter is sort of changing the definition of the term.

Patrick 1:54 PM  

yes Vinnie, but a coach who is just a good recruiter but average in-game strategist USUALLY only gets a team to the second round. Look at this year's Final Four, Roy Williams, Bill Self, Calipari, Howland. Great recruiters and in-game coaches.

Speaking of this, there is a website where you can find where MU ranks with successful possessions following a timeout. They were near the bottom.

Zuch 9:53 PM  

As far as the situation with the charlatan leaving, he did not talk about it with with the players until they got news from ESPN or family members (or the poor sap who found out from Todd Rosiak), and had no exit press conference in Milwaukee. This had likely been in place for a week, although the final decision may not have been made until Sunday night at earliest (reports vary on this).

I think Crean's a little more astute version of Bill Self (but not quite the recruiter), and would guess his results at Indiana could eventually mirror Self's. However, Self inherited a great team at Kansas, Crean a pretty limited one at Indiana even he gets a couple of good late recruits and keep their class together (advice to Matt Roth, get the hell out with the way Crean employed a similar player in Scott Christopherson). I'm not sure Crean has the mental toughness of Self to overcome a rough patch like the one Self had at Kansas with consecutive first round upsets, nor a poor season that Indiana folks would not forgive as easily at Marquette did. Will he succeed at Indiana, I'd guess yes, but it's by no means a lock and an epic failure would be more likely than Howland like success.

Zuch 10:11 PM  

Now, as far as Marquette's search goes, I know very little other than that Buzz Williams would be getting a fair shot at minimum (and throw out Tony Bennett, who legitimately is pretty tied to Wazzu and my man Anthony Grant hates the cold (can't say I totally blame him).

However, while I'm not sure how likely it would be, do not rule a big name candidate. Names I've jotted down knowing what I know would be Rick Barnes, Bruce Pearl, John Calipari (Banrnes and Pearl being second or third banana behind football (and women's hoops for Pearl, Calipari in a third rate conference). I know that Calipari and Pearl have flirted with similar level openings in the past and money will not be an issue. While Cottingham and Cords have said the right things publicly, privately they would more than miffed and feel a similar sense of betrayal as us fans (especially since Crean calculatingly let them know while their plane was on way to Colorado to support women's team for WNIT). They would love to show Crean the value of the Marquette job (and would have matched the offer he took from Indiana given the opportunity).

While this would be speculation on my end, a little of the motivation on Crean's end for handling it this way would be the disappointment for close friend and ally Mike Broeker not getting the AD position. I personally think Marquette made the right choice, as personal experience dealing with Broeker (and stories for MU Hoops colleagues) led me to think he's a weird dude, not to mention not having the calculated mind that Cottingham is reported to have (frankly, I actually do believe I'd be as qualified to run things as Broeker, and that's not tooting my own horn).

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