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I used to think I'd never find a media outlet more anti-soccer than us here at YCS (With the possible exception of Jim Rome, the Bill O'Reilly of ESPN).

Then who rides to the rescue? As always, Fox News.

I'm not sure if this segment is meant to be "news" or "infotainment." Yet amazingly, this video from Fox not only makes the YCS staff look incredibly intelligent and witty (like we needed anyone else to be known for that), but also makes even the staunchest soccer-hater on the blog (Nate?) look like the biggest Stella-swilling, scarf-sporting, song-singing, alliteration-amiable soccerphile.

Note how everyone misses the point of the quote from USSF President Sunil Gulati, which more or less says, "Well, it couldn't hurt."

If they're trying to be funny, they fail miserably at every turn.

If they're trying to be serious, there's too many errors to even know where to begin.

If they're trying to be both, well....despite no posts in a week, we still do it better than they do.

In conclusion, fuck you Fox News. From all of us here at YCS. Yes, even YCP's token conservative.


Iain 1:59 AM  

The real point is that the clip starts with the anchor saying "Plunder the Booty"

Blogger 6:50 PM  

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