Why doesn't Derrick Rose pass to Aaron Gray more often?

>> Tuesday

It might be that Gray is usually called upon to set screens. Or maybe it's that he's a big, dopey stiff who sucks. Whatever the case, it's probably not because he's white.

Via Marginal Revolution, a BYU economics professor has written a paper on how interracial bias does not exist in the passing patterns of NBA players. This, according to the abstract, demonstrates that "high levels of interracial cooperation can occur in a setting where workers are operating in a highly visible setting with strong incentives to behave efficiently."

Still, though, I'd like someone to do a study proving that Dominican position players in baseball hit and field better in support of Dominican pitchers. Because you know they do. It's all part of their grand plan to eradicate the white man from baseball.


Bones 9:18 AM  

I disagree with the study's findings. Clearly the white man is being cut out of sports.

Which is why Tony Romo and Jason Whitten weren't excluding TO, they were striking a blow for racial equality! (Sarcasm ends here)

Seriously, though, why do we need a study to tell us that there's racial cooperation in the NBA?

Vinnie 12:03 PM  

I guess the broader point the paper makes is about the impact of immediate consequences of inefficiency and high visibility on interracial cooperation, i.e. "Regardless of how I feel about your race, I'd rather cooperate with you than look like an ass in front of these spectator folk."

Talking about the MLB 5:02 PM  

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The big question was why was Aaron Gray even playing? Thankfully they picked up someone much better (also white) in Brad Miller

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