The Second OJ Trial

>> Friday

A few questions:

1. Why are we still seeing Ron Goldman's parents on TV? This case had nothing to do with them. Why were they even at the trial? They're psychotic. And where was Kato? I want his opinion.

2. Should OJ lose his place in the football HOF? Face it; this guy is now a convicted felon and should probably be stripped of every honor he's over owned. Pete Rose and Joe Jackson are banned from the greatest pro sport on the planet despite never being convicted for a crime, and OJ is still in the Hall. How riducoloso. I'm pretty sure he'll lose all those honors.

3. How much bad publicity can the NFL endure? I mean, the NFL is truly a league of criminals, and I'm honestly going to stop watching it. I'm not kidding. Michael Vick, Chris Henry, Pacman Jones, Plaxico Burress... etc, etc. It's disgusting. Please, let's all boycott the NFL this postseason. I'm really not kidding. Let's stick with sports untainted by corruption and rule-breaking, like college football (sic).

Anyways, those are my Andy Rooney-like thoughts of the day.


Mike 8:38 PM  

One has to imagine the Goldmans have a room in their house with newspaper clippings from everywhere a la A Beautiful Mind.

As a result, OJ is responsible for everything from faking the moon landing to the Kennedy Assasination.

Matt 3:04 AM  

Judging by the results of your fantasy season, you stopped watching the NFL a long time ago, Paul.


Vinnie 11:00 AM  

I would imagine a little more like Ray Finkle's room in Ace Ventura than A Beautiful Mind. And yes, Paul and I were recently watching that movie.

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