Leave Your Big 12 South Tiebreaker Proposals Here

>> Tuesday

I'll start.

- Rodeo. Put each team's starting QB on a bull. Longest time wins.

- H-O-R-S-E. Played with the kickers. "Alright, from 58 yards, with your LEFT foot, off the left upright...and in."

- Bake-off between the wives of the tied teams offensive coordinators.

- Wet T-shirt contest to be contested between each school's cheerleaders.

- Mascot boxing.

- Each head coach randomly placed in the wilderness with a map with directions to one gun with two bullets.

- Special appearnce on Jeopardy! or American Gladiators

- One game playoff, with all three teams on the field at the same time.


Iain 9:52 PM  

Triple Threat Hell in a Cell Tag Team Ladder Match between one player of the coach's choosing from offence and defence.

Anonymous,  8:20 AM  

The Triple Threat Hell in a Cell Tag Team Ladder Match would only work if the fourth place team had the special guest referee to ensure plenty of shennanigans.

And I propose letting the full rosters of each team go onto a large field and have a four leaf clover finding contest, most clovers win.

Zuch 11:34 PM  

This is college guys, a good old fashioned drinking contest would be the best solution. Each team chooses 3-5 representatives, and well let the destruction of lives begin.

Anonymous,  1:59 AM  

I agree with Zuch if only for the possibility that the Mountain West adopts it and BYU has to participate in a drinking contest.

Iain 11:02 AM  

You can't risk injuring players in a needless waste. Take a random frat from each school and give them from 6 pm to 6 am to drink the most beer. If you die your beer doesn't count.

Mike 3:20 PM  

Roll a dice. Each team gets to pick two faces.

Give each team captain a copy of "Where's Waldo" and the first team to find Waldo wins.

Anonymous,  4:03 PM  

Little known fact: The Where's Waldo contest you refer to is already part of the BCS formula.

Danny 7:21 PM  

Cockfight. Each team sponsors a chicken, last chicken standing decides the winner. This works well, 'cause then Vegas get get action from the cockfights too.

Anonymous,  9:41 PM  

suspension bridge construction contest

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