No, we hate you because you suck.

>> Thursday

Not because you're black.

But nice try.


Anonymous,  7:57 PM  

I think people just hate Bradley, no matter where he goes and no matter what he does something about the guy rubs people the wrong way. He hasn't sucked this year by any means, .255 isn't a great batting average but he makes up for it with a plethora of walks(63, 2nd most on the team) which then turns into him scoring runs(51, 4th most on the team). Granted you probably want more for a 30 mil contract but that's hardly sucking.

Mike 9:18 PM  

His price is intrinsically related to his value.

I mean, I don't mind occasionally paying a little extra for a meal, but it better be worth what the restaurant says it is. When it doesn't meet its value, even what might have once been passable, is terrible for the price.

.255 and walks for $10 million is very much like ordering steak and getting Chicken McNuggets.

Paul 11:30 PM  

Cubs' fans are absurd. This guy is so overpaid, but the media and the fans have been on this guy from day one. He has never stood a chance.

And he's a black, so he sucks.



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