Bet365 offers new and exciting Money Drop game

>> Saturday

Fans of the new British television game show called the Million Pound Drop will be interested to know they can play an online version of it now at sportsbook site, your top site for sports with everything from Darts and Horses to Football and Golf betting. This week contestants can play the game alongside host Davina McColl on the internet version of the game which is called Money Drop Live online.

Bet365 is a popular site also for other products whether it's online casino, real money bingo or online poker. The bet365 version of the Money Drop game is a brand spanking new online contest with fixed odds in which players need to avoid the drop in order to win the cash prizes that are on offer. The exciting new game is based on the popular new Million Pound Drop television game in which the contestants try to hold on to their nerve in order to scoop up some tremendous cash prizes on the live TV show.

The Money Drop game is the newest addition to bet365's impressive and extensive line up of online TV show games such as the X Factor, Deal or No Deal, Millionaire, and Big Brother, and is bound to be another in the site’s long line of hits with visitors due to the game’s five rounds of edge-of-the-seat exciting action. The Money Drop is quite a tense game as you receive the prize money before the game starts. You then have several trapdoors to choose from to place your money on. Trapdoors will open at the end of each round and you keep the money which you placed on the doors that didn’t open. Each player has to decide how to divide their prize money and which doors to place it on. For example, you could place it all on one trapdoor or split it up and place it on several of them. The eligible prize money grows with each round and the amount of doors you play.

The sportsbook site, which is licensed and regulated by the government of Gibraltar, is one of the leading sites in the world for betting on sports. It provides a wide variety of entertaining online games as well as live sports betting. The site offers online gambling with things such as sports betting, games, an online casino, financials, bingo and poker, etc. It also features live streaming for members of some of the world’s top sporting events. If you’d like to test your nerves, just head over to the site to check out the Money Drop game and see how you do. The game has a jackpot feature and the bet365 offers a 150 pound bonus on the initial deposit of new players to the site.


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