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Lots and lots of sunshine. You know, the kind that gives you a really good tan. And stronger thigh muscles. Or maybe it's just all the rabbit chasing.


Anonymous,  8:54 PM  

We can't discuss it because it's not a question that our society would rather not ask. Bringing up the question of whether or not African Americans are genetically predisposed toward certain characteristics is a question that can be asked about some things but not about others.
Certain genes can continue on and be common to people from a certain geographic area if there tends to be a lot of breeding between members of that geographic area. In the case of sub-Saharan Africa one gene that carried on was a greater predisposition to sickle cell anemia. This set of genes spread out to various individuals in the gene pool over the course of centuries. Eventually a scientist noted the condition and identified it as being common to the gene pool of sub-Saharan Africa. Therefore, African Americans are literally thousands of times more like to have sickle cell anemia than anyone else due to a genetic predisposition. This was widely accepted and regarded as scientific fact.
The reason sickle cell anemia could be asked about was because there is no pre-existing stereotype that African Americans are genetically predisposed to certain blood disorders. If you ask about certain other qualities there are stereotypes with many of them negative. This is a holdover from centuries past where pseudoscience and experiments on cranium sizes were slapped together in order to prove the natural superiority of some races to others. As a result, anytime someone asks certain questions they risk appearing to be like the pseudoscientists of the past. So we all flat out assume that all races are created genetically equal with regard to the sensitive issues but not with regard to the non-sensitive issues.
I'm not saying African Americans are or are not genetically predisposed to being better athletes, I'm saying noone has ever checked it out because they're afraid of being labeled a racist pseudoscientist. Certainly the anecdotal evidence is there(African Americans are kicking more than their proportional share of ass in sports). But the question will never be looked at seriously. Just remember, the people insisting that blacks are naturally better athletes and the people saying that genetics play no role are relying on exactly as much evidence as each other.

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Vinnie 9:26 PM  

...And our images are gone again. We're a mess.

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Well Vinnie i am not getting the idea what you want to say. Please share your problem with details.

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